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Stiff neck is a common physical problem among people of all ages especially those who have crossed 40 years. There may be many reasons for your back being hurt and if not properly attended to this complication, it might lead you to aggravated back pain which may need surgical treatment in the long run.

Although ergonomic reasons are cited to be the primary cause of stiff neck, there are other factors affecting the position of the back portion which are the causes of your back being hurt. Here are some tips which may help you in preventing a sore neck or a stiff back.

  1.  You must reduce stress while at work. This may involve mental tension which might affect your concentration and at the same time be a cause for stiff back. Your work station may such designed so as to make you change your posture quite often to get reach of the frequently used items on the work table. Design your desktop so as to avoid bending forward too often to maintain the right ergonomic posture while at work.
  2. While sitting you should always maintain the normal back curves. You can use a towel or a lumbar roll to help you in maintaining the right back curve. If you are not having a towel or a lumbar roll, sit at the end of the chair and bend slightly towards your work object. This will prevent you from a sore neck. Sitting straight try to give attention to your back in curving a little towards the back and keep this position for at least 30 seconds, holding your breath. Release the position slightly after the 30 seconds. This is the right ergonomic sitting position which will reduce stress in the joints and muscles of the back, shoulders and the neck.
  3. The knees should be kept bended at a right angle so that the blood flow through the legs is not affected. You should watch that your knees are not below the position of your hips. It is better to keep the position of the knees evenly with the hips or at a slightly higher position. By this posture you can avoid stiff back. It is not advisable to cross your legs as this might have an adverse effect.
  4. If you have a chair which is designed to be a rolling and pivot style, be careful not to twist your waist but instead move your body towards the direction needed.
  5. Use of ergonomic equipment is very important to reduce stress while working in a sitting position for hours. Modern day furniture are designed to space saving and at the same time adjustable to the needs of the user.
  6. The most important thing you need to do is to take time out from your sitting position every 30 minutes and stand straight holding your breath while leaning backwards. This can be done for few seconds and repeatedly for a number of times. This helps to reduce stress and prevent stiff neck and stiff back.

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