Optimal Ergonomic position

Sitting in an ergonomic position is vital to avoid any sort of stiff neck or stiff back. It has been common with people above the age of 40 years to have problems relating to sore neck arising out of sitting posture. Here are some ways by which you can sit in your office in an optimal ergonomic position.

  • You should sit with your back straight and your shoulders bent slightly back. You should ensure that your buttock touches the back of the chair. This will reduce stress in the back and neck muscles.
  • ¬†While sitting you should always maintain the three normal back curves. You can use a towel or a lumbar roll to help you in maintaining the right back curve. If you are not having a towel or a lumbar roll, sit at the end of the chair and crouch slightly towards your work object. This will prevent you from a sore neck. Sitting straight try to give attention to your back in curving a little towards the back and keep this position for at least 30 seconds, holding your breath. Release the position slightly after the 30 seconds. This is the right ergonomic sitting position which will reduce stress in the joints and muscles of the back, shoulders and the neck.
  • While sitting, you must distribute your body weight evenly on the two hips. This will keep the muscles flexible and prevent stiff neck.
  • The knees should be kept bended at a right angle so that the blood flow through the legs is not affected. You should watch that your knees are not below the position of your hips. It is better to keep the position of the knees evenly with the hips or at a slightly higher position. By this posture you can avoid stiff back. It is not advisable to cross your legs as this might have an adverse effect.
  • Your feet should be resting flat on the floor and avoid sitting in the same position for more than 30 minutes. This will reduce stress and prevent any sort of stiff back.
  • When at work in office or in home, adjust the height of the chair so that you feel comfortable sitting up close to your work object. Tilt up the object slightly towards you and rest your arms on the desk while keeping your shoulders relaxed. You stand little chance of having a sore neck by following this ergonomic posture.
  • If the design of your chair is of pivot type or rolling one, be careful not to twist your waist to the required direction. Instead turn your body to ensure that you do not have a sore neck in the long run.
  • At the time of leaving your chair move forward slightly from your chair and stand straight with your back tilted towards the back for 30 seconds.

People are generally careless about their sitting postures and as such face the consequences of stiff back.