Ergonomic Techniques

You may have frequent problems arising out of stiff back or stiff neck due to sitting postures while at work which are against ergonomic standards. If your work related to long hours of sitting in one position without having enough space to relax your body, you will need to carry out some exercises in office to reduce stress and to avoid a sore neck. Here are some ergonomic techniques which you can adopt while at work to avoid getting your back hurt.

  1. Correct chair height is the most important factor while at work. Adjust the height of the chair to the position of your knees and the back rest to support your back. If the chair is so designed, lock the position of the back rest. This will allow you to spend long hours of sitting without having to stress.
  2.  Alternate your ergonomic posture by taking time out in walking for a few seconds at regular intervals. Do not sit in one position for more than 30 minutes. Lean back for a few seconds holding your breath. This will reduce stress to a great extent and avoid stiff back.
  3. Perform simple stretching exercises at office at your desk. Holding on to your desktop with both hands lean forward and backward very slowly so as to bring flexibility in the back and neck muscles. This is a unique exercise which will reduce back pain and prevent from sore neck.
  4. Stress on the eyes may lead to stiff neck and to avoid this, adjust the power of the lights and the angles from which they are coming to reduce stress on your eyes. The glare of the computer screen should also be adjusted so that your eyes are not affected due to reflection. After small intervals of work on the computer close your eyes for one or two minutes. This will help you to concentrate more.
  5. At lunch hours, you may spend some time at the rest room performing some stretching exercises like bending and touching your feet or lean backwards with your hands holding your hips tightly. Toll your neck in all directions to release the tension of the nerves which are connected to the spine.
  6. The mouse you are using can be substituted by other ergonomic equipment to make it easy to handle without having to take risk in stretching which may result in stiff neck.
  7. The keyboard tray should be adjustable so as to use the mouse and the keyboard with hands, arms and elbows in a state of normal position.
  8. If you are using head phone for long hours, take intervals every 20 minutes to reduce stress of your ears and brain. The best thing would be to listen to some music for a minute or to on your head phone or ear phone. This will help you a lot and reduce chances of a sore neck or a stiff back.

Following these ergonomic techniques will help you to avoid back pain and maintain the flexibility of your back and neck muscles.

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