Ergonomic Equipment

If your job is related to sitting for long hours and you want to prevent yourself from stiff neck and stiff back, you must be compatible to ergonomic posture while at work. Right postures will reduce stress in your back and neck muscles and will relieve you from sore neck. To keep to basic ergonomic postures at your work stations, you need to have some equipment to help you in keeping to the right posture. These include the chair, work stations, roller mouse and other equipment designed for the purpose.

The chair must be perfectly designed to support the back, legs, hips and arms while reducing compulsory exertions and sitting in an awkward position. Adjustable chairs are helpful in adjusting your sitting postures and receive support for your back in a proper way. If the height of the chair can be adjusted, it could prevent the user from having a sore neck. The back portion of the chair is very important to support both the back and the hips. It should be so designed that the user is forced to make the hips touch the back of the chair. This will prevent having stiff back.
Jobs relating to computers will require the user to sit for hours together concentrating on the screen and oblivious of the fact of taking time out of the sitting posture. Keyboard trays are important ergonomic equipment which makes the user comfortable at work and at the same time ensure that the user is not affected by a stiff back. The keyboard tray should be adjustable so as to use the mouse and the keyboard with hands, arms and elbows in a state of normal position.

If your job related to calling over the telephone, you will need a quality head set. Holding the phone in between your neck and shoulders may lead to stiff neck and pain in the back. A standard adjustable headset will allow to make your hands free while using the telephone and this will help you to reduce stress while conversing for hours. Pointing devices play an important role in ergonomic posture while at work. Proper contour of a mouse or using joysticks, touch pads, track balls and pucks help in maintaining your proper posture without undergoing the risk of a sore neck.
The computer table should be designed to be adjustable, preferably with a double level system. The height of the table is important and adjusting the height according to the stature of the user will help in avoiding stiff back. The desktops should be designed so as to help the user in reaching the frequently objects without having to stretch forward much. Back pains can be avoided if you can reduce stress and this is a unique way to do so.
All furniture may not be suitable for all users, but those designed to be adjustable has a distinct advantage for the user. At places where a chair and table is used by more than one user, it is necessary to have them designed is such way so as to suit the needs of every user related the sitting posture.

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